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Starr surgey of chronic constipation

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Starr Surgey of Chronic Constipation

Obstructed defecation syndrome (ODS) is one of the most widespread clinical problems which frequently affects middle-aged females. This disease can affect the quality of life of many patients as these patients are obliged to spend several hours a day in the toilet; other symptoms of this disease include feeling of incomplete evacuation, excessive straining during defecation, the need for digital vaginal or perineal assistance, and the use of enemas or suppositories to defecate. There is a new surgical technique called stapled transanal rectal resection (STARR) that makes it possible to remove the anorectal mucosa circumferential and reinforce the anterior anorectal junction wall with the use of two circular stapler. This surgical technique developed by Antonio Longo was proposed as an effective alternative for the treatment of ODS.
Conservative therapy considered the first line of treatment in patients with ODS as more than 30% of these patients showed an improvement with diet and biofeedback therapy; also this line of management can avoid unnecessary and potentially dangerous surgery. Surgery should be reserved for patients with structural abnormalities who fail to respond to conservative treatment
ODS is a challenging clinical problem, the pathophysiology of which remains not clearly defined.
STARR procedure corrects both rectocele and rectal intussusceptions. Traditional operations in patients with both rectal mucosal prolapse and rectocele are associated with a high incidence of delayed healing of the perineal wound and dyspareunia. STARR has been demonstrated as an alternative operation and a relatively noninvasive surgical technique for ODS.
STARR procedure, for management of ODS, is technically simple to perform and able to revert all constipation symptoms; the operative time and hospital stay were short, the postoperative pain and bleeding were minimal, there were no sepsis or postoperative dyspareunia, and patients return early to work. Several studies confirm the safety and efficacy of the STARR procedure for management of ODS
STARR is an effective and safe procedure for the treatment of obstructed defecation syndrome due to rectal intussusception and/or rectocele and can be performed safely without major morbidity.

What helps constipation fast? Or How do you cure constipation quickly?

Constipation occurs when the waste matter becomes very hard and dry that it passes very slowly through the intestines. So you can cure constipation by following these methods:

Drink plenty of fluids
Eat fiber rich diet
Do regular physical activities.
Don’t ignore the urge to pass stools.
Avoid sedentary lifestyle.

starr surgey of chronic constipation