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Laser treatment for piles

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Painless Laser Surgery Treatment for Piles

Hemorrhoidal disease or piles is ranked first amongst diseases of the rectum and large intestine. The anorectal vascular cushions along with the internal anal sphincter are essential in the maintenance of continence by providing soft tissue support and keeping the anal canal closed tightly. Piles are considered to happen due to the downward displacement of suspensory (Treitz) muscle. The treatment options for symptomatic hemorrhoids have varied over time. Measures have included conservative medical management, non-surgical treatments and various surgical techniques. The various non-surgical treatments include rubber band ligation (RBL), injection sclerotherapy, cryotherapy, infrared coagulation, laser therapy and diathermy coagulation. These nonsurgical methods are considered to be the primary option for grades I-II of hemorrhoids. Grade III piles with minimal prolapse of mucosa can also be treated with Laser.

If conservative measures fail to control symptoms, operative management may be required. The conventional technique employed may be open (Milligan–Morgan) or closed (Ferguson) haemorrhoidetomy and the instruments used are scalpel, scissor or electrocautery. Post hemorrhoidectomy pain is the commonest problem associated with this surgical techniques.

Open surgical hemorrhoidectomy is the most widely used procedure in the surgical management of hemorrhoids. However, hemorrhoidectomy is associated with significant complications including pain, bleeding and wound infection which can result prolonged hospital stay. Post operatively it has high chances of incontinenece for gas or liquid stool. Laser hemorrhoidoplasty has the advantages of being haemostatic, bactericidal, fast healing, not affecting neighboring structures, less postoperative complications and less hemorrhage and stenosis. Postoperative pain is the most important complication that disturbs our patients and makes them reluctant to surgery. Laser hemorrhoidoplasty is a safe procedure associated with less postoperative pain, no chance of incontinenece, shorter hospital stay, no postoperative antibiotics, no dressings, less frequent follow ups, early resumption of routine work and duties and no need of bed rest. Laser hemorrhoidectomy is a shorter duration procedure compared with open surgical hemorrhoidectomy.

Painless Laser Surgery Treatment for Piles